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New Digital Ecosystem for the International Biathlon Union

The goal of the IBU’s new digital ecosystem is to promote the sport and grow its fan base and fan engagement through digital innovation and superior user experience. This agenda is a part of the IBU’s Target 26 strategy.

By November 2021, we will deliver a brand new website and iOS and Android applications. With real-time updates and user-friendly statistics Biathlon fans can follow competitions and get insights into biathletes and the sport in general, combined with personalised user experiences and top-notch content such as action clips, front-row photography and much more.

Vincit Plc is the IBU's main partner for the project responsible for the whole design and development process end-to-end and for maintenance of these services. The original concept design was done by Iona.

Bring the drama and fascination to Biathlon fans of all ages around the globe


Personalised user experience with real-time data during competitions.

The new IBU mobile application will provide real-time updates on all competitions with the possibility to follow your favourite biathletes progress and performance in real-time.


Event schedule, results and standings always at your fingertips.

The website and mobile app will provide you with up-to-date information throughout the season – you will always have everything you need at your fingertips. You can also opt in to receive notifications on relevant updates that are relevant to you.


Improved statistics and easy into discover insights to the sport.

The website and app will provide an easy-to-use interface to delve into the world of Biathlon and your favourite teams and biathletes. There are some cool new insights coming your way - stay tuned!

The new website and app will launch in November 2021 before the 2021-2022 BMW IBU World Cup Season Opening in Oestersund, Sweden.

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